• IMPORTANT--You will need to provide a photo ID in order to be screened. Please bring your Genesis ID badge, driver's license, passport or some other form of photo ID. You will not be screened without proof of identification and will be required to reschedule your screening!
  • Register yourself and your eligible spouse on GENnet. Look for the "Wellness" icon. Once registered, you will receive screening instructions.
  • Screening includes: waist measurement, blood pressure, and a single blood draw that measures triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, and fasting glucose.

All Genesis employees and their spouses receive a FREE screening to determine their risk for Metabolic Syndrome. The five risk factors center on blood pressure, fasting blood glucose, triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, and waist circumference.

Why are these indicators important? Anyone with three or more of these risk factors has an elevated risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other life-threatening conditions.

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